Of offices and natural hair

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Of offices and natural hair

The first time I went to work with my hair natural, my boss, a guy, he looked at me strangely for a while. It was a fresh Monday morning in November, way back in 2014. I had watched enough Youtube videos to think I knew that I could carry my African self into work with displaying my strands.

I guess he was waiting for when I’d ask for an hour off to go solve the atrocity on my head. Then he observed that I worked, went for lunch as usual and was blissfully unaware of my situation.
Then when he couldn’t control it anymore, he asked me whether we had had a blackout in my estate the previous day.

I told him that we had indeed had electricity. And he got more confounded.
Then he said it seemed like I had gone into the salon and there had been an unfortunate blackout. So I had been sent back into the world with my hair still in a riot.
Because why else would anyone walk around with unstraightened hair?

I caught feelings. I caught many feelings.

But the guy was in his stead, being kind. Because anyone would want to know when they had an atrocity on their head, right? It’s like how you want someone to tell you you have something on your teeth before you embarass yourself with another person.

So I packed my remaining dignity, and my hair and took it home.

I think we have been cultured so much to hide unruly 4C hair that wont lie down and be straight.

But more and more people are awakening to the fact of their hair and letting it shine.

Now, more people in my office wear their hair naturally.

I feel like natural hair takes more work, more care and it definitely needs more work to stay up. But this is the head we got, so we might as well rock it, yes?

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