Mud run 2019


Mud run 2019

Mud run 2019 was in Kenana Farm. And my team and I went with Xtrym Adventures.

Last year I promised myself I would go for mud run this year. I was pretty excited when the time came around.
Except I could not have anticipated the amount of obstacles there would be in the race. The run track was 9 Kilometres long with obstacles to get over.
Fitting under tyres, jumping over fire, walking on poles, being electrocuted, twice.
Basically it was a hoot. And my team was super fun and easy.

At the end, there was mud everywhere, you know where you’d think mud should not go, mud went. I sat at my work desk two days later and found stubborn mud in my ear.

For me, the Tarzan obstacle was the ass kicking one. It involved jumping from one ridge to another when suspended by a rope, like Tarzan. The thought of tumbling in between and hitting the wood had having reminders of how scared I was before zip lining. So I bypassed that one and lost my team two points, sigh.

There was a lot of climbing, and underground canals and slides. The slides were amazing. Like those slides we did as kids, only you slide harder, and your bum feels for a moment that it may have gotten loose.

So these are some of the obstacles we faced.

Obstacle one, the trick was to crawl in and make it to the other side. I left some of my elbow’s skin here though during round two of the run.
You see the little innocent looking strings? They are there to electrocute you. And any time you raised your head, or an attitude, you were zapped. Your ass was zapped quite nicely too. This was the place where the phrase, keep your head down, was coined for.
So jumping over the fire, that kept burning all through, was not a test to fail. We jumped fast over this obstacle.
Every time there was a team about to slide down, there was more soapy water pored, and we all went down like we had no control.
And beneath the slide was this massive pool was full of water, and the impact was funny when you crashed into other people into the pool below.

The obstacles were fun and oh so surprising. So ingenious.

This obstacle involved passing under logs, trying not to drink the dirty water, and to not slide back when you tried to leave the hole.

So we were all organised in teams of four. And it was a colourful affair. It was such a fun affair.

I would definitely recommend.

At the end, when all was mud, we all congregated beneath a huge hose and wiped our sins away.

But the mud did not all come out.

I remember going into the shower after and rinsing and rinsing my hair and I still could not come clean.

I really do hope to go next year, and do better time than my team did this year.

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  1. Favourite lines:
    1. Mad went where mad was not supposed to go
    2. Ass was zapped too


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