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Divorcing my parents

I just heard this podcast from the Jesus and Jollof podcast about divorcing our parents. And it took me far back. Into my very early adulthood. And how I subconsciously “divorced”from my parents. My parents have never been those parents who were overly amazed with me, I never felt put on any pedestal. But I […]

Mud run 2019

Mud run 2019 was in Kenana Farm. And my team and I went with Xtrym Adventures. Last year I promised myself I would go for mud run this year. I was pretty excited when the time came around.Except I could not have anticipated the amount of obstacles there would be in the race. The run […]

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Of offices and natural hair

The first time I went to work with my hair natural, my boss, a guy, he looked at me strangely for a while. It was a fresh Monday morning in November, way back in 2014. I had watched enough Youtube videos to think I knew that I could carry my African self into work with […]

The paradox of rest

I have had a week where more than once I left work past 11 Pm. Working 14 hour days is not pleasant. It feels like someone with a wide mouth is sucking all the marrow out of your life, with a heavy straw. And the life that is left is dry and brittle and has […]

Sacco loans for dummies 101

This past three months, from August feel like I have been in an intense class on finances. There are a few lessons I have picked up especially with regard to debt financing. We always have people making jokes about how they have loans to pay and thus cannot leave their paid jobs to go seek […]