About me

About me

My name is Kui. And I am an adult. Or rather I try to adult (verb).

I feel like I am running through my twenties, getting hit down, and sometimes hit on, hehehe and feeling like time is slipping through my hands. That soon I shall be 50 with nothing to show for it. The fears I have found are common at this stage of life.

I am a sorta perfectionist who wants to share her lessons on growing up, Kenyan and in every other way.

I feel sometimes like life needs a cheat sheet. Well and when everything feels crazy, I feel I could do with people I can relate to. And I hope this blog can be that for you.

About Growing up Kenyan

Growing up Kenyan is a personal growth and lifestyle blog designed to help you become your best self. Alongside my weekly blog posts, I share the ups and downs of navigating my twenties and generally my life.

I titled this growing up Kenyan but I hope people from across Africa and the world can relate.

Welcome, enjoy the ride.


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