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Mud run 2019

Mud run 2019 was in Kenana Farm. And my team and I went with Xtrym Adventures. Last year I promised myself I would go for mud run this year. I was pretty excited when the time came around.Except I could not have anticipated the amount of obstacles there would be in the race. The run […]

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Of offices and natural hair

The first time I went to work with my hair natural, my boss, a guy, he looked at me strangely for a while. It was a fresh Monday morning in November, way back in 2014. I had watched enough Youtube videos to think I knew that I could carry my African self into work with […]

The paradox of rest

I have had a week where more than once I left work past 11 Pm. Working 14 hour days is not pleasant. It feels like someone with a wide mouth is sucking all the marrow out of your life, with a heavy straw. And the life that is left is dry and brittle and has […]