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#3 -Money lessons 101

1.Budget. Every time we hear the word budget, we think of lofty money and lofty goals with which to spend your lofty money on. And since you have established that you lack lofty money but only have lofty goals, you shake your head and move on with life. Leave budgeting to people who can afford […]

Friendship for adults 101

I grew up hearing the cliché about how we are a consolidation of the top five people we hang out with. This phrase was used in primary school to dissuade us from making friendships with kids who were always in trouble in school. And I frowned at the simplistic idea. Except as an adult, I […]

When to take a break

In this era of busyness, where the busiest person always seems the most important, there are some times, we have to consciously stop ourselves and breathe. Some time last year I got into this space where I was so tired, so very tired. But I felt I could not stop, which is a lie, because […]